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Janis Sharp

Glasgow born Janis Sharp is a musician/composer. She has also cared for many foster children and their families and does everything in her power to keep families together. She wrote her own children’s book “Lester Square” and following this decided to write the script for her own film “Lunar Girl”. She bought a camera and with the help of her friends and her husband, made and directed the independent film guerilla style in the streets of London and in her own home. This independent film funded on less than a shoestring budget was subsequently screened on Sky Channels over 100 times.
Lunar Girl was made in 2001 just prior to Janis and Gary’s world being turned upside down.

Janis’s son, Gary McKInnon suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, an Autisic Spectrum disorder. He had a lifelong obsession with UFO’s and while searching for evidence of UFOs, Free Energy and anti gravity, found that he was able to look into NASA and Pentagon computers systems as they had no passwords or firewalls on thousands of their machines. Gary left many cyber notes telling them their security was virtually nonexistent and he also left cyber notes as a form of peace protest against U.S foreign policy. Although Gary was a truth seeker and a whistleblower, he was subsequently arrested and has for the past ten years been fighting against extradition to America and the prospect of a proposed sixty year sentence in a U.S prison (and one state wanted to see him fry)



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